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1) Accord with: CF spec Ver2.0 and IDE / ATA-33 spec

2) Standard IDE interface: true-IDE mode, support DMA-33 transfer mode

3) Support CF-I and CF-II : also support IBM micro-driver with CF-II interface

4) DE 40 Pin / 25.54mm or 44 pin / 2.0mm female or male connector: plug card into IDE socket directly or connect to motherboard by a cable

5) CF socket mounted flexible: different CF socket can be mounted, single / double side selectable for double-side type

6) Master/slave jumper: CF card on each side can be configured as Master or slave

7) Use CF as DOM: Supply auto select from IDE 40 pin-20 or FDD power connector, or from IDE WHEN use IDE 44

8) System Supported: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP

9) Size: 6×4.5×1.5cm

10) Weight: 17g

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